Jeff and Mike Reeves

We are two brothers from Peterborough, Ontario – Jeff and Mike Reeves. We both played Division I baseball. Jeff played at Winthrop University from 2000 to 2005 and Mike played from 2009 to 2013 at Florida Gulf Coast University. Although we both played at the Division I level, our recruiting experiences were very different.

  • When Jeff was going through the process, Canadian players were just beginning to make their mark on baseball at higher levels. It was almost unheard of for Canadians to go to the U.S. on baseball scholarships. Jeff was fortune enough to make Team Ontario; he then was selected to Team Canada from the Canadian Cup Tournament. With very little time left in the recruiting season, our family was advised to send videos and letters to schools so Jeff could be seen. We sent over 50 videos and letters. When schools saw Jeff's talent, he received over a dozen scholarships. Jeff decided that the best fit would be Winthrop.

  • Mike’s situation was different because he did not have the privilege or talent to play for Team Ontario or Team Canada. Mike, however, did play with the Ontario Blue Jays. This program gives Canadian players a good opportunity to be recruited by schools south of the border, as they play around 30 schools ranging from the Junior College level to Division I universities. During this time Mike was also sending out videos and letters to schools. When the time was right, he decided Florida Gulf Coast was the best fit.

As simple as the two paths may sound, it is a very difficult and stressful time for players and parents because, after all, this is about the next four years of your life.

Why the website?

Currently Mike is playing in the minor leagues for the Toronto Blue Jays and Jeff works as a financial advisor in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Because of Jeff’s passion for the game, he is very involved in youth baseball in Nova Scotia. Last year, Mike flew out and together we ran a baseball clinic. After the clinic, we realized how much talent there is spread out across Canada. It also got us thinking about many good players are never seen.


When we went through the college recruiting process, we realized that there was not much help out there for us. The process really is not that complicated, but without any guidance it can quickly become a frustrating experience for both athletes and parents. That is why we created Canada Baseball Prospects. There is too much talent out there that is overlooked every year, and we hope we can help change that.


There are some distinct differences in the recruiting process for Canadian players. Coaches in the U.S. are often reluctant to deal with the additional administrative effort it takes to recruit foreign players. But the ones who do venture across the border usually realize that the extra work is well worth it. We not only want to give players a platform they can use in this process, we also want to educate coaches about the opportunities they miss when they ignore the Canadian market.

Who should use this site?

One of the most important things we discussed was what kind of players we are  looking for. The answer to this is ALL OF THEM! When we were 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, we were profiled as completely different players. Jeff was very highly recruited, while Mike was not. Through this experience we learned that whether you are a “prospect” or not, there is always a chance that a school or scout might like you. But if they do not have the opportunity to see you then there is no chance. And for the few that are in Jeff’s situation, more exposer is still better – the more schools or teams see you, the more options you will have and the higher your value will be.


This website gives you the tools and exposure to help you get where you want to go. Sign up for a profile today, or email us at info@canadabaseballprospects.com if you have any questions about our services.

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