Expand your Recruiting Horizon

For college baseball coaches in the U.S., recruiting quality talent is as tough as it has ever been. New technology makes it easy for coaches from all over the country to find players from even the most remote regions, which means that competition for the best athletes has intensified. Regional presence, long recruiting trips, and relationships with local high school coaches no longer guarantee a strong recruiting class. Coaches have to expand their search to remain competitive.

One region is often overlooked, despite of its availability of talent – Canada. Yes, it’s a different country, and there are some additional hurdles involved. But what most coaches don’t realize is that these hurdles are minimal, and are easily outweighed by the rewards:

  • The simple fact that many large schools do not even consider recruiting in Canada means that there is less competition for players.
  • The college recruiting process is less developed in Canada, which means that the chances of finding a "hidden gem" are much higher than in the U.S.
  • On average, Canadian athletes perform better in the classroom than their U.S. peers. Better academic credentials mean fewer issues off the field.

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