Why should I not sign up on one of the larger U.S. based sites?

Here is the problem – if a coach finds a player he likes on a U.S. based site, and then realizes that the players lives in Canada, he will often stop right there. He may think that it’s not worth the effort to go across the border, and there is nobody around to tell him otherwise. There are literally thousands of other players on the same site that are not as far away. At Canada Baseball Prospects, we focus solely on Canadian players. Part of our works includes explaining to U.S. coaches why they should recruit in Canada, and to educate them on the process of doing so.

If I am good enough, will coaches not find me anyway?

Most likely not, unless you are one of the top players in your province. But even then you will be better off marketing yourself in the best way possible. There are so many good players competing for the top schools that the ones making a focused effort will definitely have better chances. Plus college baseball scholarships are very limited, so even some of the best players only get partial scholarships. Presenting yourself in the be possible way will increase your chances of getting more scholarship money.

Will my profile be publicly viewable?

Yes. To ensure maximum exposure, your profile will be available to anybody who visits the site.

Should I try to walk on?

One way to try to earn a spot on a team is to apply to a school without help from the coaches and then show up for fall practice. Many coaches allow this, even at Division I schools. The problem is that not many walk-ons actually make the team. It is difficult enough for U.S. players, but even more complicated for Canadians. You would have to be accepted by the school first, go through the financial verification and visa process, and then move to the U.S. without any guarantees of a roster spot. Unless you have other reasons to attend that specific school, trying to walk on is probably not the way to go.

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